Daily Prompt: The Power of Touch

I’m a cat lover. An unapologetic cat lover at that. I never used to be. When I was a kid I was allergic to cats and avoided them like the plague. Then, in my early thirties I came upon an abandoned three week old kitten and my heart went out to him. Still, I wasn’t interested in adopting him, so much as helping him find a good home. The funny thing was, he picked me. Cats often do this, though I used to think it was malicious, the way they would pick out the one who was sure to sneeze and break out in hives. No, this guy kept climbing up my leg and sitting on my shoulder until I broke down and took him home with me. From then on I was hooked. You could almost call me a cat lady. I’ve had as many as four cats at one time in my house, something I vowed I would never do. I have a cousin who has always had at least six cats and sometimes three dogs, all at the same time, and I used to think there was something seriously wrong with her. I almost ended being just like her. Scary thought!

Fast forward twenty years and I went from four cats to two. I’m on the attrition plan now. I have one cat, a Bombay, which is a black cat. This species of cat is very affectionate and they love to be touched, which is great because I love to touch. He will sit in my lap for hours if I let him, just petting and touching him. He’s so soft and warm, that even when he comes close to me, I reach out and touch.
I also love the new microfibers for their luxuriant softness. I can’t resist reaching out and just running my fingers through the material. I love the softness of a baby’s newborn skin and the top of an infant’s head. When my children were babies, I would often just hold them and stroke the tops of their heads.
I love a good hug as much as the next person, but give me something soft to snuggle up in and I’m a goner.


Angela Moody lives in Vermont with her husband and two children and two cats. She is an unpublished writer of historical fiction.


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