Where Did That Word Come From?

Every once in a while I get a word stuck in my head and I repeat it over and over. Then, I start wondering where it came from and why we use it. So in that vein I’m going to post a different word that has been incorporated into the English Language but came from a foreign one.


Today’s word is: A Capella. Where did that word come from? It’s from the Italian meaning: In the manner of the chapel or choir. The word Cappa is from Latin and means cap or cloak. There was a chapel that kept the cloak of St. Martin and was known as the “capella.”

Now the word means to sing without music and gained popularity with the Do Wop bands of the 1950s and Barbershop quartets.

To use it in a sentence it would go something like this: My family runs and hides whenever I start singing a capella!


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