Promises, Promises…And Winter Storms.

Okay, you can see by my last blog post that I’ve already broken my promise to myself in that I haven’t been on my blog in almost a week when I clearly put in writing that I would be here every day. Oh well, I clearly have commitment issues. What can I say. I’ve had an uneventful week, except for yesterday, something did happen but that’s a story for the next post because it has to be separate. It just does, don’t ask why.

Winter storm Juno blew through New England over the past few days, but I’m lucky enough to live far enough north to have avoided the storm. Thank you, Lord. We had crystal clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. My solar panels were hard at work. We have had brutally cold temps. This morning bottomed out at -30 degrees, I think they said. The high today is supposed to be like -8. Once it hits below zero what difference does it make how far down it goes? It’s just COLD!

I don’t understand why they feel the need to need to name winter storms. I believe it’s a gimmick to get people to watch the Weather Channel. I see nothing wrong with titles like “The Superstorm of ’93” or “The Flood of ’27”. We remember those, and except for a few significant storms in recent years, like Sandy and Irene, do we really remember which hurricane hit where and in what year? No. So, who cares, really? I’m surprised they haven’t started naming tornadoes, but that could be next. I’m sure in some years they’d blow through names in one week. Get it? Blow through names? Sick humor. Time to say good bye!


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